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Twitter reacts to Kyrie Irving trade demand

Here’s how the Twitter world reacted to news of Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland

According to ESPN, Kyrie Irving told the Cleveland Cavaliers last week that he wants to be traded. After being drafted by Cleveland in 2011, Irving has spent his whole career with the Cavs. Although Irving has played a key role in the Cavs’ three-consecutive championship appearances, he is tired of playing second fiddle to LeBron James. Futhermore, Irving would like to be the face of a franchise. Irving, only 25, has already proven himself to be a superstar.

Despite obvious signs of discontent with the Cavs’ offseason from both Irving and James, no one could have predicted this bombshell. However, with news of Derrick Rose setting up a meeting with Cleveland, Irving’s trade wouldn’t be the end of the world.

The departure of Irving would mean an end to Cleveland’s big three after just three seasons. There is no word as to what this news means for Kevin Love’s future in Cleveland either. Meanwhile, James has been left stunned by the news, as has the rest of the NBA world. While James’ future in Cleveland remains in doubt, off-loading Irving could open up room for another project centered around James.

We know how James reacted, here’s how Twitter reacted:

Of course, Twitter has it’s fair share of takes on the rumors.

Most of the tweets were either comical or serious. By the same token, there were a lot of emotional pleas. Whether it was thanking Irving or shunning him, there’s no questioning the passion of Cleveland fans.

Ultimately, this news blindsided the NBA community. However, imagine the reaction when the world finds out just where Uncle Drew will take his talents next. Whether it’s San Antonio, New York, Minnesota, Miami or elsewhere, Irving has certainly paid his dues in Cleveland.

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