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Los Angeles Clippers had ‘no joy’ last year

J.J. Redick spilled the beans about what it was like to play for the Clippers last season, and he doesn’t paint a happy picture.

A lot of people were surprised when Chris Paul chose the Houston Rockets over remaining with the Los Angeles Clippers, but I’m betting that J.J. Redick was not in that camp. The shooting guard decided to join the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason to see if he can contribute to “the process” they are attempting.

Redick has become quite a likable figure after playing the role of villain during his career at Duke. He was important to the Clippers not only for his shooting but also for his presence off the court. He was part of the group that helped keep DeAndre Jordan around for one more run, but this past year didn’t seem fun for anyone.

At least Redick doesn’t appear to have enjoyed last season that much.

“It’s shitty to say this, but I think I’ve had a loss of joy. I look at our team and how we play, and there’s no joy in it,” he said in an Uninterrupted documentary. “I don’t think 18 months ago, I don’t think that I was even open to leaving. I thought I would retire here. The NBA will teach you that things can change very quickly.”

J.J. was drafted by the Orlando Magic, and he also played for the Milwaukee Bucks. It was with the Clippers, though, that he showed off his skills in the best light. Redick averaged 15.8 points and shot 44 percent from downtown during his time in Los Angeles, but he was clearly looking for a different situation.

Blake Griffin and Jordan seem to be the only ones left from the old crew, and Redick has moved on to a new team yet again. Paul got raked over the coals recently in comments from former coach Doc Rivers, and J.J.’s words seem a bit like shade too. It’s a shame that we never got to watch the Clippers advance deep into the playoffs, and they should be a lesson to other contenders that the championship window never stays open forever. Especially when you aren’t having fun anymore.

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