One big question for every NBA team

As the start of the 2018 NBA season approaches after a wild offseason, what is one big question that each team will have to face as the year progresses?

The absolute dominance of the Golden State Warriors seems to have sparked one of the craziest offseasons in recent memory. The rapidity of the transactions was staggering. Within the two weeks leading up to free agency, the number one pick in the NBA Draft was traded and multiple All-NBA caliber players changed teams via trade. Free agency did not produce some of the hilariously bad contracts that came out of the summer of 2016, but the league-wide frenzy continued.

Despite the myriad of blockbuster trades, the overall power balance of the league has only shifted slightly. The top of the league has beefed up, especially in the West. With the path to championship contention becoming even more brutal, we could see from some of the league’s weaker teams fire up the tank and start lengthy rebuilds.

Golden State still stands at the league’s mountaintop. The Cavs, Spurs and Rockets project to be their toughest challengers, with the Thunder and Celtics lurking as far more unlikely threats to their throne. With the insanity of the 2017 offseason beginning to settle, let’s survey the landscape of the NBA more closely. Here are some of the most significant questions that face each team heading into the 2018 NBA season.

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