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Gordon Hayward says he was still undecided when Celtics news broke

Gordon Hayward was reportedly changing his mind a lot before signing with the Celtics, and he said he hadn’t decided when some news leaked about his signing.

Gordon Hayward had a tough Fourth of July after news broke of him signing with the Boston Celtics before he could even announce it himself. Now, it looks like he didn’t even know if he’d land in Boston before the world knew he did.

Hayward was reportedly changing his mind frequently about the decision of which team to join between the Celtics, Miami Heat or a return to the Utah Jazz this offseason. When it came down to decision time, he says he still didn’t even know what team he’d land with, but the news broke that he had signed with the Celtics, anyway.

In a conference call on Friday with media members, Hayward explained his end of the story of that moment where the “signing” news was released, and said he was weighing options with his agent, Mark Bartelstein when his phone lit up.

“I was literally on the phone with Mark when the story broke online,” Hayward said. “And I’m getting, like, I’m looking at my phone, I’m getting blown up, (people) saying I’d decided to become a Boston Celtic.”

Hayward expressed how frustrating the moment was, but he eventually signed with the team later in the day after he and his team thought over the situation once more.

“I was pretty upset that that had happened,” Hayward said. “And I didn’t feel like I was ready to say, ‘Yes, I want to be a Boston Celtic.’ So I had to take a step back. And we regrouped. And I think we talked about it more and more. Then finally we put out the article.”

Now, Hayward joins a lineup with Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, and rookie sensation Jayson Tatum, and has the chance to help the Celtics overcome the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, while the Jazz try and regroup out in a loaded Western Conference. Just saying, maybe he made the right choice.

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