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TNT trolls Lonzo Ball in Las Vegas Summer League promo

It’s about to be Las Vegas Summer League time in the NBA. TNT absolutely kills it in this promo for the basketball event using De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball.

The 2017 NBA Draft was all about the point guards in the top-five. Three future floor generals went early in the draft, including UCLA Bruins’ Lonzo Ball to the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 2 and Kentucky Wildcats’ De’Aaron Fox to the Sacramento Kings at No. 5.

Both players will be featured prominently at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas beginning on Friday night. TNT tweeted out an absolutely hilariously promo for the event, involving both players and the cinematic classic that is The Hangover.

Using the best photoshop techniques available on Planet Earth, TNT superimposed Ball’s face on the delightful Alan Garner, played by none other than Zach Galifianakis. The scene TNT chose to use was the one where the Wolfpack was in Mr. Garner’s, Alan’s dad played by Jeffery Tambor, convertible.

Naturally, Ball is super excited about getting to Las Vegas for summer league basketball. He has all the energy the wolfpack will have ever need. Driving next to the guys, is a little girl with De’Aaron Fox’s face superimposed on top.

She and Fox are not amused. Fox then flashes a sign of how his Wildcats beat Ball’s Bruins in the Sweet 16 in Memphis during the 2017 NCAA Tournament, 86-75. Good job by you, TNT. You guys owned this promo and Ball in the process.

While many were hoping for Ball’s basketball rival to be Markelle Fultz with the Boston Celtics, that went out the window when the Philadelphia 76ers traded up to No. 1 to draft him out of Washington. However, Ball and Fox already have history on the hardwood. They do now play in the same Pacific Division for rival teams in the Lakers and Kings on the come up.

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