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A moment to remember and mourn our losses in NBA free agency

The Gordon Hayward free agency saga held Americans in suspense at their July 4 cookouts, as they waited for Woj to tell them what was what. In Boston and in Utah, fans were caught in limbo, anxiously awaiting a Twitter alert. When it finally came, Celtics fans rejoiced and Jazz supporters everywhere were crestfallen.

Earlier in the day, after the first Hayward news leaked but before the official “Thank You, Utah,” Zach Randolph agreed to joined the Kings. While Sacramento wasn’t exactly as exuberant as Boston, Memphis fans were still devastated. Even though most understood the page needed to be turned from the Grit Grind era, seeing a local legend leave hurts — especially when there isn’t an obvious heir apparent in place (but that’s another issue).

And then there were Paul George and Jimmy Butler, one-time franchise saviors, dealt away for nickels on the dollar. And it got us to thinking that, in the language of Fastbreak Breakfast, one fan’s Steak ‘n’ Eggs is another fan’s Cream of Wheat. Boston’s found treasure comes at the heartache of Jazz fans everywhere. Timberwolves fans high-fiving at the prospect of finally returning to the playoffs comes at the expense of the Bulls fans staring at a borderline hopeless path back to prominence. And for every Sam Presti getting praised, there’s a Kevin Pritchard being roundly roasted.

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So join us for a brand new episode, where we mourn our personal loss (#50forthecity), and feel bad for those of you dealing with your favorite player leaving. Even if they said goodbye by inadvertently quoting “Point Break.”

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