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The Ball Family are getting their own documentary

If you can’t get enough of the Balls, don’t worry, you’ll be able to watch them on Facebook soon.

The Ball family will be heading to Facebook to tell their story. Actually, Facebook is looking to tell the Ball family’s story. Whichever holds true, what we actually do know is that the Ball family will be on your timelines very soon. According to Deadline, the Facebook has officially greenlighted a documentary centering around what should be the NBA’s most entertaining family.

If you haven’t heard of the Balls, then here’s a quick history lesson.

The Balls are a family of sports royalty, or at least sports marketing royalty. The eldest Ball, Lonzo, was the second pick of this year’s NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and is considered to be one of the best playmakers from this year’s draft pool.

The middle kid, LiAngelo, is heading to UCLA to play basketball, and the youngest Ball, LaMelo, is also a top basketball prospect. Their father, LaVar, has made several absurd claims and turned his son’s fame and his infamy, into plenty of media attention for his Big Baller apparel brand.

Facebook is looking to go the route of NetFlex, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon and create their own, high-quality video content. That content has been growing in the past couple of years, and the company seems ready to finally move forward in producing ready-made shows for the site.

Facebook needed a test subject, and the Ball family was the perfect choice to launch this new experience.

Any family that has the balls to say that they could beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one and not even flinch deserves their own show, and the family’s antics will be must-see TV not only on Facebook but on ESPN and certainly here on FS.com

We can’t wait to see what the Balls will have in store for us.

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