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Robyn Hayward sends message to angry Utah Jazz fans (Photo)

Some Utah Jazz fans were angry over the departure of Gordon Hayward and his wife had a message for those folks.

On Tuesday, as everyone has expected for quite some time now, Gordon Hayward officially announced that he was leaving the Utah Jazz for the Boston Celtics. His free agency was one that everyone has been keeping an eye on since the season ended and it came to a dramatic conclusion on this 4th of July.

However, it was not without some controversy. It was reported by ESPN earlier in the day that he was indeed leaving for Boston but his agent came out and refuted the report. Of course, this being the case, there were some Jazz fans out there who believed they might get their star back, especially since it became common knowledge that he had eliminated the Miami Heat as a potential destination.

As is customary, some of those irate Jazz fans are lashing out by badmouthing Hayward on social media, and of course, burning his Utah jersey (a practice that gets dumber and dumber every year, yet people go out and do it anyway).

Well, Hayward’s wife, Robyn, has responded to these ornery fans. She took to Instagram to acknowledge the decision that her husband made and also give everyone a lesson in how to treat a situation like this.

That was very well put by Mrs. Hayward. Sure, you’re angry that your favorite player is leaving your team, but you have to remember that they’re people too. They’re just like you and I, looking out for the best interests of themselves and their family. It shouldn’t be that hard of a concept to grasp, yet some will just never get it.

So when that happens, sometimes the wife has to step in and put everyone in their place.

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