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Kevin Durant roasts Nick Young on Twitter after Swaggy P joins Warriors

Kevin Durant hasn’t been shy on Twitter recently, and he got creative when the Warriors officially signed Nick Young on Wednesday.

Kevin Durant’s offseason has been full of dealing with Twitter trolls and going in on social media, so it was almost expected for him to be ruthless when Nick Young joined the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday.

Young joined the team on a one-year, $5.2 million deal, and will provide some depth to the star-studded lineup. In other words, he may be riding the bench a good bit when Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are going off on the court and draining 3s left and right.

However, you know when Swaggy P gets into the game, he’ll be chucking up 3s at every chance he gets, and it looks like his teammates are already taking notice.

On Twitter a few minutes after the signing, Durant posted a tweet with an image of Young’s most infamous attempt from beyond the arc, where he turned his back on his shot and celebrated as the ball bounced off the rim in ugly fashion.

Durant has become a bit of a Twitter savage at this point in his career, as he now has a title to back up basically anything he does on social media from this moment forward. He notoriously went after Twitter trolls after he was done celebrating his Finals win and Finals MVP honors, and obviously wasn’t done there.

At this point, or at least we hope, it seems like the post was all in good fun and wasn’t a full dig at Young, but who knows what the intentions really were?

As for Young, he should take this super personally, infiltrate the team and gain their trust, and then throw the team’s inevitable NBA Finals games against the Cleveland Cavaliers when he gets onto the court to really get the last laugh against Durant. That’s only half-kidding.

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