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Joel Embiid has some salty words for LaVar Ball on social media

The Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid fired back at LaVar Ball with some salty language.

Banter between the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid and the Ball family elevated itself to another level. After LaVar Ball’s criticism of him on the radio, Embiid clapped back at Papa Ball on Instagram Live. Embiid appears to say “F**k LaVar Ball” in this NSFW video.

The feud began on draft night, when Sixers forward Ben Simmons tweeted “crazy pills”. The teammates could have left it at that. However, Embiid took matters into his own hands and further elaborated on what Simmons was referring to.

Embiid’s comment gave us insight into two things. One, Simmons was sub-tweeting the Lakers and calling them crazy for taking Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 pick. Two, Embiid is sick and tired of the Ball family already.

As expected, LaVar shot his mouth off following the comments. His views were expressed publicly on a radio show in Philly last week. The founder of the Big Baller Brand wasted no time calling out Embiid and Simmons, coming to the defense of his son. LaVar addressed the injury problems with both Embiid (missed 51 games in 2016-17) and Simmons, who has yet to step on the floor in an NBA regular season game. The outspoken Ball father additionally discussed the lack of success of the Sixers in recent years. He pointed out that the team missed the playoffs last year (once again). Finally, he called for the duo to get off of Twitter and hit the gym.

If you’ll recall, on draft night, LaVar guaranteed a playoff appearance for the Lakers under Lonzo’s direction. One can only imagine the heat he’ll take from the Sixers if that doesn’t happen. Or even worse, what will happen when the two teams meet on the floor. Regardless, this feud seems to be getting better and better each day with two of the NBA’s most animated personalities pinned against each other.

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