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Gordon Hayward mess annoying free agents

The mess surrounding whether or not Gordon Hayward will land with the Boston Celtics is screwing up the plans of other free agents.

According to Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype, the indecision from Gordon Hayward is screwing up the plans of other free agents.

Many lower level players on the market were waiting for a decision from Hayward to decide where they would go.

Early Tuesday, Chris Haynes of ESPN tweeted that Hayward planned to sign with the Boston Celtics, but the player’s agent has disputed the report. The agent says Hayward has yet to make a final decision.

It was reported that Hayward changed his mind four times in the last four days.

Hayward is one of the most important free agents this offseason. Where he lands will decide where money will go otherwise. Him drawing out the announcement is holding back other players from signing.

Hayward had a career year last season. He averaged a career high in points with 21.9 per game. Additionally, he pulled down 5.4 rebounds per game, another career high. This great play led the Utah Jazz to the fifth spot in the crowded Western Conference.

Boston adding him to their already talented roster would give them hope. He could make the difference in an Eastern Conference Finals rematch against the Cleveland Cavaliers, which seems probable at the moment.

Boston simply makes sense for the 27-year-old. The Celtics coach is Brad Stevens, who mentored Hayward during his time at Butler. They were a cinderella story, landing in the National Championship before losing to Duke in 2010. They hope to rekindle that magic.

It still appears that Gordon Hayward will likely land in Boston, but the stalling is messing with the plans of his fellow free agents. Why he has yet to formally announce his decision is a mystery.


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