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Gordon Hayward has changed his mind frequently

We’re all struggling to figure out if Gordon Hayward is really signing with the Boston Celtics, and it looks like he’s having just as much doubt about the move.

Gordon Hayward has been the main topic of conversation over the last few days of NBA Free Agency, as many wonder where he’s going to end up between the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat or a return to the Utah Jazz.

Reports came out on Tuesday about Hayward apparently choosing the Celtics, but it looks like there either may have been some cold feet on Hayward’s end, some false leaks to a reporter, or some maneuvering on Hayward’s part to make the Jazz departure less painful. Hayward’s agent backtracked on the idea of Hayward making a decision, which may have come because of the news breaking before they could tell the Jazz.

Now, it looks like Hayward is having some serious trouble with the decision, and one reporter said that the forward is having issues committing to a team these last few days. According to Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune, Hayward has changed his decision four different times over the span of four days as he went through meetings with the three respective teams.

Jones added that the source told him this decision is weighing heavily on Hayward, for obvious reasons, and it’s the “most difficult decision of Gordon’s life.”

Hayward had meetings with the Jazz on Saturday, Celtics on Sunday and Heat on Monday, and it’s very possible that he had one team in mind on Friday, with each team then changing his mind with solid pitches over the weekend.

While the decision was supposed to be released today, whether it was through a Players’ Tribune article, his agent, or through some social media post, it looks like it may take a little longer for the news to break. Hayward’s agent says they are now re-evaluating everything, so who knows when the decision will finally come down.

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