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Steve Mills thinks the Carmelo Anthony workout plan is hilarious (Video)

Steve Mills is running the New York Knicks front office this summer. Here he is taking the time out of his day to laugh at the Carmelo Anthony workout plan.

The New York Knicks have become a running joke in the NBA for most of the last two decades. From frustrating ownership to also-ran aging superstars to straight-up atrocious general managers, the Knicks leave even casual basketball fans laughing outside of the five boroughs. So who is steering this clown ship at the moment anyway now that team president Phil Jackson is gone? That would be none other than executive vice president and general manager Steve Mills.

Mills has done a fine job of not doing anything ridiculous in free agency up to this point. Does giving the delightful Ron Baker an extension count? Whatever, Mills is doing basketball things for the Knicks and he’s down watching the youths do things in the lead up to the Orlando Summer League.

On the sidelines during a game Mills gets shown the latest edition of the Carmelo Anthony workout plan and begins to laugh in the utmost amusement. Unbeknownst to him, that moment was captured on camera and broadcast.

To be fair, it’s really funny, as Anthony is running on an urban soccer field in the middle of the night trying to be a ninja or something.

With the speed of a guy that just went to town at White Castle after a few hours on the town, Anthony looks gassed before the sprint even gets under way. While he is a first-ballot Basketball Hall of Famer, Anthony is living proof that you can get by in the NBA on minimal athleticism because basketball is ultimately a skill games. Shooters got to shoot, right?

No comedian died in New York tonight. Nobody knows the reasons why the Knicks are just so zany. One question though: Who watches the watchmen? If it’s not Jackson or Mills, it must be owner James Dolan. No wait, he’s got an Eagles opening act gig to get ready for. La La, la…la…la…

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