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Kawhi Leonard dresses to kill on the hardwood…at a mall? (Photo)

With all the big moves being made in the West, Kawhi Leonard has to be ready for the San Antonio Spurs. He does this by wearing Spurs clothes to the mall.

Sometimes, when you have to do work on your off-day, there’s simply no time to change clothes. Back with braids, San Antonio Spurs superstar small forward Kawhi Leonard is ready to go to work. Nothing is stopping him from getting his Spurs to the top, even if that requires him to literally wear Spurs workout clothes to the mall.

Yes, here is a picture of a not-so-happy Leonard walking around in a mall with Spurs basketball shorts on, basketball shoes and a Gatorade in hand. We’ve all known that he’s a mauler in the Western Conference, but he’s now also a maller.

The gym rat (who doubles as a mall rat) has to go work to beat all those dumb teams in the Western Conference making moves, so here are five teams that he’s 100 percent destroying in his mind as he saunters through said mall in his workout clothes.

Golden State Warriors

Of course, he’s destroying the Golden State Warriors in his head. The Klaw is out for blood after Zaza Pachulia destroyed his leg in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Leonard doesn’t care that Stephen Curry makes all the money in the world and Kevin Durant will restructure his deal so reserves Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston get paid. He’s ready to beat the Bay Area’s finest senseless, in his head of course.

Houston Rockets

You know that Leonard isn’t exactly cool with Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets. Leonard’s Spurs have already dominated the Rockets in the conference semifinals. Their star player James Harden pretty much mailed it in during the final game of the series. Does Houston just think that trading for Paul is going to magically make the Rockets better than the Spurs? The answer is no, because Leonard is mad and wearing his gym clothes to the mall to hopefully maul the Rockets.

Oklahoma City Thunder

So what if the Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Paul George? The dude has never played in the Western Conference before and should be in for a rude awakening. George will have to stay alert for every second that Leonard is on the court. That’s because Leonard is coming right after Mr. I Want To Play For The Lakers on every play. Russell Westbrook won NBA MVP because of rebounding. Nah, Leonard isn’t going to take too kindly to the Thunder either this winter.

Utah Jazz

You know what? We’re paying way too much attention to the Utah Jazz. Just because their one-time All-Star swingman is hitting free agency doesn’t mean that Leonard or the Spurs organization should sing Gordon Hayward all the praises in the world. Just wait until these two teams meet in the conference semifinals should Hayward not be lame and go East to Boston or Miami. Leonard is going at Mr. Undercut with the fury of an angry Greek god coming down from Mount Olympus.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Leonard doesn’t care that the Minnesota Timberwolves traded for and signed former Chicago Bulls under Tom Thibodeau’s watch. He’s still on the Spurs and they are still the Timberwolves. Leonard probably had braces and first started getting into braids the last time Kevin Garnett carried the Twin Cities basketball club to the conference finals. Leonard already knows that he owns Andrew Wiggins. Jimmy Butler ain’t ready for the West either.

Let’s not forget about the other nine teams in the Western Conference and the 15 that call themselves the Eastern Conference. If Leonard has to wear Spurs shorts every day until the middle of next June to win another NBA Championship, you better believe he’ll do it. The anger residing in his eyes is absolutely terrifying. The Klaw is going to get you so bad, Western Conference, it’s not even funny.

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