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Did Enes Kanter just break Rudy Gay news?

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is a delight to follow on Twitter. Apparently he’s trying to break news of Rudy Gay’s free agency, because why not?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have already made one huge move in 2017 NBA free agency. Actually, it was a trade with the Indiana Pacers, but they now have another superstar in small forward Paul George. Are they done making moves? Thunder center Enes Kanter doesn’t think so.

Kanter is a high-end rotational big man for the Thunder, a sixth man award candidate when he’s playing his best. He is also one of the best follows on social media because he just says it how it is. His video spots with ‘Stache Brother teammate Steven Adams were a hoot and a half to help support Russell Westbrook’s NBA MVP candidacy last season.

Now it seems that Kanter is doing more on social media than just posting ridiculous Roomies videos. He posted a picture of Westbrook’s locker next to … free agent Rudy Gay’s?

Make no mistake that the Thunder have had their eye on Gay as early as last season. Gay is a go-to scorer at the three, but saw a frustrating season with the Sacramento Kings come to an end due to an Achilles injury.

The Thunder had been looking for some time to replace Kevin Durant since he skipped town on them last 4th of July. However, wouldn’t George be the appropriate replacement for Durant at the three? How would Gay fit into this?

Oklahoma City could ask George to play more of a ball-handling role next to Westbrook with Gay at this traditional spot of forward. Keep in mind that Gay is coming off a gruesome injury, so his return to the hardwood won’t be immediate. Gay would be a great fit for the Thunder in their offense, assuming he can get back to being a 18-point scorer after injury.

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