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Timberwolves and Jazz discussing deal for Ricky Rubio

The Utah Jazz are in the market for a point guard and might be looking to add Ricky Rubio via trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Ricky Rubio has been a point guard that’s always been on the market, especially because he’s not necessarily a scoring threat. After the trade for Jimmy Butler, many are speculating that Kyle Lowry is an option to join Minnesota in NBA Free Agency, so the T’Wolves wouldn’t need Rubio.

On the flip side, the Utah Jazz are in the market for a point guard with George Hill becoming a free agent this summer. Hill was the starting point guard in Utah and would look to sign there, but money could be an issue between the two sides. 

Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania is reporting that the Timberwolves and Jazz are in discussions for a trade that would send Ricky Rubio to Utah. The other pieces of the trade are still unknown, but it could be for draft picks or some young assets, potentially.

Quin Snyder’s offense really needs a pass-first point guard, similar to George Hill and that’s exactly what Ricky Rubio would provide to the Jazz.

This past season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rubio averaged 11.1 points, 9.1 assists and 4.1 rebounds in 75 appearances for the team. That would be ideal for the Jazz, who are looking for their point guard to really distribute the ball.

Also, trading for Rubio and not having to sign Hill would only free up more cap space to make sure that Gordon Hayward stays in town. The Jazz have two key free agents that they need to re-sign and they might have found a replacement for one of them. Hayward is the other one that they’re looking to keep.

Here are the reported terms of the deal.

Let’s see if Rubio finds his way out of Minnesota finally and heads to Utah to be their starting point guard of the future.

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