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Markelle Fultz struggles on Instagram after getting drafted

Although it may be a sort of rite of passage in the NBA to have social media troubles, Markelle Fultz may want to work on his Instagram game.

Markelle Fultz had plenty of time to prepare for himself getting drafted as the number one pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, and had one hiccup in the process when the first pick changed from the Boston Celtics to the Philadelphia 76ers. Regardless, he should’ve probably checked his social media game before the draft.

After Fultz was taken by the 76ers with the first pick, he decided to post his first picture on Instagram as a member of his first NBA squad. It’s obviously a sponsored post, but maybe the Washington product should take a closer look before he posts again on social media.

In the post, Fultz expresses his excitement for getting drafted, but it’s obviously a pre-written post that just needed some Mad Libs-style work done to it before it went up. Fultz must’ve forgotten that last step, and posted it with some placeholders in the caption.

The post reads “Excited to head to (City) and join the (team name). is helping me get started with my (team name) watch. #ThisIsMyTime #NBADraft”

At least Fultz was at least a little prepared for the night, and is already getting some sweet deals with Tissot for some new bling. However, especially on the big stage in the NBA, and as the number one pick in the draft, you should probably be checking your content before you post it.

At this point, it’s kind of expected for professional athletes to have social media struggles, and it’s almost like Fultz is now officially a part of the family. Just a day ago, J.R. Smith got hacked on social media for the second time this month, so it goes to show just how hard managing social accounts can be in the big leagues.

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