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LaVar Ball gets booed out of NBA Draft, Barclays Center (Video)

Ever the one to elicit a reaction, LaVar Ball got booed out of the Barclays Center at the 2017 NBA Draft, and then made sure to make it worse

LaVar Ball spoke his son’s future into existence — or something like that. Either that, or Lonzo Ball was the second best player in the 2017 NBA Draft and that’s why the Los Angeles Lakers took him at No. 2. It was definitely one of those two things that happened on Thursday night. Regardless, LaVar Ball and son Lonzo are staying in California as the latter will don the purple and gold.

Naturally, father and son were both ready for the Lakers to take Lonzo. So as it happened, the two Balls had both a new pair of Big Baller Brand shoes and BBB hats ready to go. Of course, they were both done in the purple and gold color scheme.

Of course, LaVar Ball isn’t exactly the most popular figure in the sports world. So as he looked to be leaving the Barclays Center and the 2017 NBA Draft, the crowd booed him relentlessly. In the way that only he can, he made it worse. When the boos started coming down, he threw the BBB hand into the crowd — because of course he did:

Hollywood is built on showman. If nothing house, the Ball family patriarch is that. He knows how to get people to react and has no problem doing such things. This is just another example of that (though I’m not sure it’s a good way to sell $495 shoes).

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