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Hawks and Hornets have fun on Twitter amidst NBA trade rumors

Amidst all of the NBA rumors, from potential trades to firings, the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets are finding time to make jokes on Twitter.

There are teams in the NBA that are experiencing a crisis from the Cleveland Cavaliers firing GM David Griffin, to the New York Knicks self-exploding by wanting to trade Kristaps Porzingis. Oh, not to mention Indiana trying to beg teams to take on Paul George or Chicago trying to slyly send Jimmy Butler packing.

Yet, for the other teams in the NBA that aren’t necessarily directly involved in the rumors that have been flying around for the past week, it’s just a big joke. Atlanta Hawks’ twitter has always been one step ahead, making jokes that other teams usually don’t.

Today, while the Knicks were fielding Porzingis’ trade calls, the Hawks were tweeting this out:

So hey, the Hawks are enjoying the chaos across the NBA, let them have some fun with it. Oh wait, now they got another team involved in the Twitter jokes. The Charlotte Hornets Twitter responded with:

Oh wait, it didn’t stop there. They two teams decided to have some more fun with ESPN’s trade machine, as even the LA Clippers chimed in:

The trade talks went back and forth…..between Instagram posts and tweets and finally it looked like the Hawks made their final offer:

Finally, they came to a deal and accepted the offer! This might have been the smoothest, most public trade in NBA history. I wonder what the GMs and owners across the NBA will vote on this trade, if they’ll allow it to happen or if they’ll pull a Chris Paul and veto the trade.

We have to get the other NBA teams involved on Twitter and have an open vote to see what they say on this topic. While teams face real trade problems, the Hawks and Hornets continue to poke fun at the matter.

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