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Rihanna is ‘Lion King’ sad over the NBA Finals

Rihanna took to Instagram to express her sadness over the NBA Finals. ‘Lion King’ never felt so real.

Poor Rihanna. She cost the Cleveland Cavaliers two games in the NBA Finals with her shouting at Kevin Durant and dabbing. Now that LeBron James and Cavaliers have officially lost to the Golden State Warriors, Rihanna is not handling it well.

The video was created by Cycle, a media company that creates editorial and branded content for social media. 

Rihanna represents all NBA fans in this Lion King clip. LeBron was the king, but no man can stand up to a stampede of Warriors and a vindictive man desperate to be the new king. That just leaves all of us as sad little cubs, wandering to a new land in search of our.

Find you a woman who loves you as much as Rihanna loves LeBron. There’s a lot to be said for her optimism that “king is still king.” It makes you wonder if she watched the Finals past Game 1. LeBron averaged a triple-double in the series and only managed one win against the Warriors. He’s only getting older, and unless big changes are made to the Cavaliers roster, there seems to be no end to the Warriors reign. Rihanna may want to cool it on beefing with MDollas because that won’t end well for her.

At least RiRi was smart enough to hedge by congratulating RocNation labelmate Kevin Durant. Either her king or her organizational friend will be hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy for the next three to five years.

Who knows, maybe Rihanna is planting the seeds for an eventual song featuring Durant and LeBron. I’m picturing something like Eminem and Dr. Dre’s ‘Guilty Conscience’ with Rihanna on the hook. Both guys have some free time until the season starts back up in October. If anyone can bring them together, I’m gonna trust Rihanna to be the one who does it.

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