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Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Championship gear (Photo)

The Golden State Warriors have won the 2016-17 NBA Championship over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here’s what the championship gear for the Warriors looks like.

After a thrilling Game 4 in Cleveland, the Golden State Warriors took care of business to win Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals on their home court. They have now won two NBA Championships in three seasons, possibly becoming the greatest team in a three-year window ever.

Last season, the Warriors won 73 games in the regular season but came up a win short in the 2016 NBA Finals. They added superstar small forward Kevin Durant in unrestricted free agency. He proved to be the biggest piece that Golden State needed to win its second NBA Finals in three years.

Here is what the championship gear looks like for Golden State.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out three shirts available from Fanatics. The first features a blue shirt with five golden bars in the shape of a tally marks to signify the fifth championship in Warriors franchise history. Another says “5 Time Champion” in a different shade of blue with five Larry O’Brien Trophies in the foreground. The last emphasizes the Golden Gate Bridge in a cool periwinkle shade.

The NBA Store tweeted out three items, two shirts and a hat. One is a men’s shirt, black with a Larry O’Brien Trophy in the middle with “2017 NBA Champions” on it. Another is a blue women’ shirt that looks similar to what fans in the Bay Area already have, except it says “NBA Finals Champions” on it instead of wear the team’s name would be in the bridge logo. That hat is grayish with the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the middle. All three items are made by Adidas.

Congratulations, Golden State! With all eyes on you this season, you guys certainly delivered on bringing another championship home to the Bay Area.

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