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You won’t believe what you could get for your NBA Finals tickets

On the official ticket resale site of the Golden State Warriors, one fan shelled out $133,000 for two floor seats for Monday night’s Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals.

Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals was expected to be a hot ticket, as fans are wondering whether the home team Golden State Warriors will close the series out or for the second consecutive year, the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers will win and force a Game 6 back on their home court. Few expected the tickets to be record-breaking, however.

The fan who bought these tickets obviously not only has a lot of cash on hand, but also has an emotional connection to at least one of the two teams or their players, if not just the game of basketball itself. The amount of people who can not only afford this purchase but would be willing to spend that kind of money on one basketball game which may not even be the final game of this NBA season is probably quite small.

With that taken into account, here are some other things that may seem just as ridiculous that someone could buy for $133,000:

If the Cavaliers do win on Monday, and force a Game 6 back in Cleveland on Thursday, it’s worth speculating whether that contest could surpass this record price. Average and minimum ticket prices have been much lower for games at Quicken Loans Arena than in the Oracle Arena so far in this series.

Considering all this information, two more Cavaliers wins compelling a Game 7 in Oakland on Sunday might make this record short-lived. If that happens, the list of things that the new record price could buy might get even more ridiculous.

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