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Ex-NBA Referee Tim Donaghy believes NBA is influencing NBA Finals Game 5

Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy was on a Bay Area station when he made statements regarding the NBA influencing the Finals referees to push for a Game 6.

Ever since the 2002 Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings playoffs series, there has been a conspiracy notion that the NBA and referees work together to extend these series. What does it mean for the league? Extra money and ratings due to extra games in the series.

Well that notion is certainly being heightened due to some comments made by former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy. He was a referee who resigned in 2007 because he was being investigated for controlling the point spread in games, while betting on them. He eventually pleaded guilty and even served time in prison.

Donaghy’s back at it again, participating in an interview in a San Francisco-based radio station. Here’s what he had to share when he went on the air:

No doubt in my mind they would love this to go to a Game 6. They are going to show a lot of plays that should’ve been called against Golden State but weren’t. I think they are going to concentrate on Draymond to make sure he isn’t able to be in any physicality, or roughhouse in any way, shape or form. You are probably going to see him in foul trouble again. It’s a situation where they are going to try and get a Game 6 and open things up so they can create more revenue for the league.

Donaghy also went on to add that he’s basing this theory from personal experience and not anything he has heard recently. Regardless, it’s a pretty large accusation on the NBA without much proof.

It’s going to take a lot more than a few calls going Cleveland’s way for the Cavaliers to force a Game 6. This year, there’s a healthy Stephen Curry, a present Draymond Green and oh, Kevin Durant.

Let’s watch in the first quarter to see if Donaghy’s crazy theory actually has some validity. If so, we could have a Game 6, otherwise it’ll be the Warriors raising the trophy at the end of the night.

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